Calbee "Hard Fried Potatoes Shiooto Sesame Oil Flavor

Calbee's popular hard texture "Hard Fried Potato" will release a new product "Hard Fried Potato with Genuine Sesame Oil Flavor" using traditional "Genuine Sesame Oil" from Kadoya Seiyu. The product will be available at nonconvenience stores on June 27. The product will be available until late November. The product has a content of 60g (2.12oz) and an estimated price of around 160 yen (including tax).

Hard Aged Potatoes Shio-Sesame Oil Flavor

Kata-Age Potato Shio-Sesame Oil Flavor" is a product with a moderate saltiness and a savory sesame oil flavor. The mellow "Genuine Sesame Oil" flavor and the crispy, firm texture of "Hard Aged Potato" can be enjoyed.

The product was released in limited quantities in May 2015 as the first "Kata-Age Potato" brand product in collaboration with a manufacturer. It was voted "No. 1 Taste of Kata-Age Potato again" by fans of the Kata-Age Potato Ouenbu, a group of Kata-Age Potato fans from across Japan, and was re-released in limited quantities in May 2019. The popular product was also released for a limited time in June 2021.

We have received many requests to make it a regular item and to sell it again, so we have decided to re-release it again this year. The popular sesame oil flavor has been retained, and the secret ingredient of pepper has been increased to create a more addictive taste.