Kata-Age Potato Salt Wasabi Flavor: Wasabi produced in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture

Calbee Hard Fried Potato Shio Wasabi Flavor

The more you chew the better! The hard texture of the popular "Hard Fried Potato" series is now available in convenience stores for a limited time only. The product will be available at nonconvenience stores on April 24 and will be discontinued in early August. The product weighs 60g (2.12oz) and will be sold at an estimated price of around 185 yen (tax included).

In May 2014, "Kata-Age Potato Wasabi Flavor" was released for a limited time as a wasabi flavor of "Kata-Age Potato". In 2019, the spiciness of the wasabi was increased and it was re-released as "Kata-Age Potato Shio Wasabi Flavor" and in 2022, it was re-released for the first time in three years.

This year's "Kata-Age Potato Shio Wasabi


" uses wasabi produced in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. In pursuit of an authentic wasabi taste, the Wasabi flavor has been enhanced compared to the previous product. In addition, the salt granularity has been improved to enhance the spicy taste of the wasabi.