Souguan "Rengon Chip Kadoya's Genuine Sesame Oil Flavor"

A new product, "Rengon Chip Kadoya no Genuine Sesame Oil Flavor" will be available from Soseki, a

series of Rengon Chip full of dietary fiber

. Pre-sale at FamilyMart stores nationwide. It will be available at all convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide, as well as at Soseki's online store. The product has a content of 18g (0.63oz) and is priced at 162 yen (tax included).

The third collaboration in the


Chip series, which is a light chip made from brick and has an addictive crunchy texture. The new "Rengon Chip Kadoya's Genuine Sesame Oil Flavor" is a collaboration with Kadoya, a well-known sesame oil company. The product is full of dietary fiber and is suitable for both snacks and nibbles. Crunchy brick chips are sprinkled with sesame oil seasoning, giving them a mellow aroma of savory sesame and just the right amount of saltiness.

The "Renkon Chip Kadoya's Genuine Sesame Oil Seasoning" is a good snack for alcoholic beverages. Fans of "Kadoya's Genuine Sesame Oil" should not miss it. Why not check it out when you see it?