Calbee "Potato Chips Scrisp Fried Chicken Flavor"

From Calbee's tubular potato chips "Potato Chip Scrisp" series, a new product "Potato Chip Scrisp Fried Chicken Flavor" that reproduces the taste of fried chicken will be released on November 22nd. It is not available at convenience stores other than FamilyMart stores. Scheduled to be sold out in late January 2022. The estimated price is around 235 yen (tax included).

Potato Chips Scrisp Fried Chicken Flavor

"Potato Chips Scrisp Fried Chicken Flavor" is a limited-time flavor that you can enjoy the taste of spicy fried chicken, which is a mixture of 10 kinds of spices and 3 kinds of herbs. Last year, it was released as "Potato Chip Scrisp Crispy Chicken Flavor" for a limited time at Christmas and New Year's parties, and was well received. Therefore, based on the opinion that "the spice is strong and the taste of chicken is hard to feel", the taste has been improved and the product name has been changed to "fried chicken taste". It will be newly released as a product with an addictive taste that allows you to enjoy the taste of chicken more.