KALDI "Loi Thai Panain Curry

Here is a list of products from KALDI's that we have actually eaten and enjoyed. The three products are "Sansho Fried Noodles", "Dorai Natto Okoshi", and "Loi Thai Panena Curry".

Sansho Yakisoba

Sansho Yakisoba is a soy sauce-based yakisoba with a tangy and refreshing flavor of sansho (Japanese pepper). The set includes noodles that are pleasantly firm and crispy, and a sauce with a gorgeous flavor of sansho (Japanese pepper). It can be cooked with seafood, pork, or vegetables of your choice.

KALDI "Sansho Yakisoba" (fried noodles with pepper)

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Dorai Natto Okoshi

KALDI's "Dorai Natto Okoshi" is a combination of wheat puffs and dried natto (fermented soybeans). It has a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet and savory aroma. The natto flavor is not as strong as one might expect, with only a faint aftertaste. The richness of soybeans can be felt, but the peculiarity is not so strong.

KALDI "Dorai Natto Okoshi

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Loi Thai Panen Curry

Panem Curry originated in central Thailand (Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, etc.) and was once served as a court dish. Based on red curry paste, coriander seeds and cumin are added, and mung beans are used to thicken and add sweetness.

KALDI "Loi Thai Panain Curry

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