KALDI "Kaki no tane tofi" (persimmon seed tofi)

Here is a list of all the KALDI's products that I actually enjoyed eating. They are Polvoron Coconut, Persimmon Seed Toffee, and Tea Fantasy Berry & Cherry.

Polvoron Coconut

Polvoron Coconut" from KALDI is a cookie with a texture that melts in your mouth. The cookies have a tropical sweet aroma of coconut, a flavor of almonds, and a rich, thick taste. The cookies have a pleasant mouthfeel and light aftertaste.

KALDI "Polvoron Coconut

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Kaki-no-tane Toffee

Kaki-no-tane Toffees" are made using the traditional method of making kaki-no-tane, soaked in soy sauce, and coated with rich caramel. The salty taste of the kaki-no-tane is matched by the sweetness of the caramel for a sweet and savory taste. The balance of more persimmon seeds is not too sweet, and the salty taste can be felt until the end.

KALDI "Kaki no tane tofi" (persimmon seed tofi)

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Tea Fantasy Berry & Cherry

Black tea leaves are carefully selected from India and Sri Lanka, the tea-producing regions of the world, using only the tastiest hand-picked sprouts. Blended with freeze-dried raspberry and strawberry leaves. The sweet and sour and gorgeous aroma of the berries matches the richness of the black tea, giving it an elegant and deep flavor.

KALDI "Tea Fantasy Berry & Cherry

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