Asahi Soft Drinks "Mitsuya Salty Greffles

Asahi Soft Drinks will release Mitsuya Salty Greffles for a limited time on May 31, 2012, in 500 ml PET bottles priced at 151 yen (tax included).

Mitsuya Salty Greffle

Mitsuya Salty Greffle is a carbonated beverage based on Mitsuya Cider Salty, which was released last year for a limited time only, and made with grapefruit juice, perfect for early summer. The refreshing taste of Mitsuya Cider is combined with a pinch of Okinawan sea salt to give the drink a moderate salty flavor that is perfect for summer. It also contains 40mg/100ml (3.38us fl oz) sodium (0.1g (0.04oz)/100ml (3.38us fl oz) salt equivalent). The product is designed to help prevent heat stroke.

The package features a large grapefruit arrow feather and grapefruit in the center of the front to indicate that it is grapefruit-flavored. The package also features the phrase "Tasty and refreshing on a hot day! and "A pinch of Okinawan sea salt" at the bottom to emphasize that the beverage contains salt to prevent heat stroke.