Asahi Soft Drinks "Mitsuya Nihon Kudamono Ehime Harehime

Asahi Soft Drinks will sell Mitsuya Nihon Kudamono Ehime Harehime for a limited time. The release date is October 25. The price is 184 yen (tax included).

Mitsuya Nihonkudamo Ehime Harehime

Mitsuya Nihondakudamo Ehime Harehime is the fourth product in the "Mitsuya Nihondakudamo Ehime Harehime" series, a carbonated fruit juice drink that has been available since 2021. The Harehime grown in Ehime Prefecture, which is used in this product, is a rare variety of citrus fruit with a sweet and aromatic flavor that has been exposed to the full sun of the Seto Inland Sea. The name "Harehime" comes from the fact that the fruit becomes sweet and fragrant if the sunny days continue.

The package features a large image of the fruit on the front and the words "Japanese fruit" and "plenty of sunshine in Setouchi" to clearly emphasize the product's focus on domestically produced ingredients and the characteristics of the fruit used in its production. On the side of the product, the logo mark "Ehime-produced products have love," a catchphrase for the unification of Ehime's agricultural, forestry, and marine products, is used to convey the appeal of the production area to the rest of Japan.