Calpis Soda "Grape with the whole peel mashed" from Asahi Soft Drinks.

Asahi Soft Drinks will sell "Calpis Soda Grape with Milled Rind". The product will go on sale on October 18. It will be available in 500 ml PET bottles for a limited time at a price of 173 yen (tax included).

Calpis Soda "Grape with the whole peel mashed into the soda

Calpis Soda Grape with Grated Grape Juice" is a lactic carbonated beverage blended with "Calpis Soda" and "Grape with Grated Grape Juice". The brand's highest-ever fruit juice content of 10% gives it a robust, full-bodied flavor.

The package features a large frontal design of grape fruit against a background of polka dots, the symbol of the Calpis brand, to clearly express the grape flavor. The name of the product, "Grape with the whole peel mashed in" is used as an icon to emphasize the characteristics of the product.

The highest juice content in the brand's history! You can enjoy the full-bodied taste of "Calpis Soda Grape with Grated Grapefruit Peel". Why not pick up a bottle when you see it?