Ito Confectionery "Langly Hokkaido Melon

Itoh Confectionery will once again introduce seasonal cookies, "Langly Hokkaido Melon," which will be available nationwide from June 6 to August 31. 4 packages of 3 cookies per box, for a total of 12 cookies. Each box contains four 3-packs, for a total of 12 pieces, at an open price.

Langrily Hokkaido Melon

Langdosha dough filled with Hokkaido melon-flavored cream. The cream contains powder made from Hokkaido melon, and is claimed to have a rich aroma and sweet taste. It contains 0.08% fresh melon.

The dough is also characterized by its smoothness. It is said to be finely finished by Itoh's original method, in which eggs are prepared in two stages to bring out the best flavor.

The package design has been redesigned. The cookie size remains the same, but the package width has been reduced by 7mm.