From "Langry Hokkaido Melon" Ito Confectionery

"Langry Hokkaido Melon" will be re-released on June 1st from Ito Biscuits. The price is 220 yen (excluding tax) for 12 pieces per box.

Langley Hokkaido Melon

"Langry Hokkaido Melon" to be released this time is a cookie with cream sandwiched between fine-grained langue de chat dough and Hokkaido melon that you can enjoy rich aroma and sweetness. Langdosha cookies are carefully baked by adjusting not only the temperature of the oven but also the humidity according to the condition of the dough. In addition, Ito Biscuits' original manufacturing method, "Egg two-stage preparation method," is used to bring out the deliciousness of eggs by preparing them in two stages.

The fine langue de chat cookie is combined with a cream that uses Ito Biscuits' original blended melon juice powder (produced in Hokkaido) to give it a rich aroma and sweetness.

"Langry Hokkaido Melon" where you can enjoy the deliciousness of melon. Please pick it up when you see it. If you like melon flavors, check it out!