Yamaya Communications, "Anime Oni no Kiri no Kiri: Uchino Mentai Kiriko" (Blade of the Anime Oni no Kiri: Our Mentai Kiriko)

On June 1, Yamaya Communications will release a new collaborative product, "Anime Oni-no-Blade Nachi no Mentai Kiriko," with a sticker featuring a famous scene from the anime "Oni-no-Blade. The product weighs 150g (5.29oz) and is priced at 1,080 yen (tax included). Five types are randomly selected, one per product.

Anime Oni-no-Kiri no Blade: Uchino Mentai Kiriko

Uchino Mentai Kiriko is Yamaya's mentaiko for home use. It is marinated for 168 hours in "Takumi no tare," a sauce that has been passed down from generation to generation since the company's founding, and is characterized by its aromatic yuzu flavor and mild, full-bodied taste.

The package of the "Blade of Demons: Our Mentai Kiriko" features the characters from the anime "Blade of Demons": Sumijiro Kamakado, Nezuko Kamakado, Zenitsu Wagatsuma, Inosuke Zuidaira, and Tengen Uzumoto. Inside the package, one of the five original stickers designed with famous scenes from the anime is included at random, creating a mechanism that makes you want to collect them. Enjoy Yamaya's mentaiko for home use along with the special packaging of the anime Oni no Kiri no Kane.