Cafe de Crié "White Peach Melting Lassi

Café de Crié will start selling a drink menu "White Peach Melting Lassi" and a food menu "Pasta with Suruga Bay Shirasu in Japanese Style" on June 2.

Shiratomo Toroteru Lassi (Lassi with melting white peaches)

The drink menu "Shiratomo Torokeru Lassi" is an iced drink with a refreshing taste, combining "Lassi" made from Bulgarian yogurt and Hokkaido milk, and white peach juice. It is finished in two layers with an original sauce containing white peach pulp. By mixing the two at your favorite time, you can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture and juicy, rich white peach flavor. The price is 460 yen (tax included, same as below). The image in the back shows the "Peach Tart" currently on sale at 460 yen.

Pasta with Suruga Bay Shirasu (baby sardines) in Japanese style

Cafe de Crié "Pasta with Japanese-style Suruga Bay Shirasu

The "Pasta Suruga Bay Shirasu no Wafu-Shirasu" is a Japanese-style pasta dish that combines oil sauce flavored with Japanese soup stock and roasted onions with moist kama-age shirasu (baby sardines) from Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture. The flavor of salted kelp enhances the taste of the shirasu. It is topped with shiso leaves for a refreshing taste. The price is 740 yen. 50 yen discount for drink set menu.