Kabaya Foods Glitter Corded Sebon Star

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s Kirakira Codes


Kabaya Foods' accessory toy confectionery "Sebonstar" series will sell a pair of pendants and rings (rings) called "Kirakira Codes Sebonstar". The price is 440 yen per piece (tax included). Each piece contains 10 grams of milk chocolate.


Kira Codes Sebon Star "Kira Kira Codes Sebon Star" is a pendant and ring (ring) pair product from Kabaya Foods' original "Sebon Star" series of accessory toy confections for girls in the lower grades of elementary school. The toy consists of a pendant and ring (ring) in a sparkling, cute and attractive shape.

The matching design of the accessories allows you to enjoy coordinating them with each other. There are a total of 5 types of toys (25 types in total including different colors). The package shape is a square instead of the hexagonal shape of the standard series to create a special feeling, and the pinkish color is used to create a sparkling design.


Star "Sevon Star" is Kabaya Foods' long-selling accessory toy confectionery launched in 1979. The cute glittery designs and different design motifs for each series are highly collectible and easy to arrange, making them popular not only among girls but also among adult women who are fascinated by the glittery world.