Matsunoya "Extra Sasami Katsu Fair

Matsunoya and Matsunoya will be holding a "Sasami Katsu (more sasami katsu) Fair" from 3:00 p.m. on May 25 to 3:00 p.m. on June 8. To go is also available.

Increased portion of "Sasami Katsu" Fair

The previous "Support New Katsu! Following the previous "500 yen SALE for Sasami Katsu," this time the price will remain the same! Sasami Katsu Increased Volume Fair" will be held this time. To thank Sasami Katsu fans for their continued support, one Sasami Katsu will be given away for two weeks only.

Matsunoya's popular "Sasami Katsu" is a fluffy dish made from "high protein, low fat" chicken meat. You can enjoy it any way you like: with a generous amount of special tartar sauce, with your favorite sauce, or arranged for To go.

Matsunoya "Sasami Katsu Katsu (more pork cutlet) Fair" (Japanese only)
set meal of white meat and pork cutlet

The "Sasami Katsu Set Meal" includes the "Miso Sasami Katsu Set Meal" with a Hatcho Miso style miso sauce, and the "Oroshi Ponzu Sasami Katsu Set Meal" with a refreshing grated radish on top. The "Loin & Sasami Katsu 1 Sashimi Katsu Set Meal" will be offered with 2 pieces of Sasami Katsu instead of 1 piece only during this period.

Matsu-no-ya "Miso Sasami Katsu" set meal
Miso Sasami Katsu Set Meal

The prices, including tax, for both in-store and To go are as follows. Miso soup for To go can be purchased separately for 60 yen.

Sasami Katsu set meal (2→3 pieces) 630 yen
Sasami Katsu set meal with grated ponzu (2→3) 730 yen
Miso Sasami Katsu set meal (2→3 pieces) 730 yen
Roasted pork cutlet and two white meat cutlets set meal: 930 yen → 760 yen

Matsunoya "Extra Sasami Katsu Fair

The "Loose & Sasami cutlet 1 set meal" will not be sold during the campaign period.