Matsunoya "Mentaiko cheese and white meat cutlet

Matsunoya's "Mentaiko Cheese Sasami


Pork cutlet specialty restaurants Matsunoya and Matsunoya will release a new addition to the Sasami Katsu series, "Mentaiko Cheese Sasami Katsu" on November 9 at 3 p.m. (except Okinawa and highway PA stores).



Sasami Katsu A new addition to the recently revived "moist and tender Sasami Katsu series" is already on the menu: Mentaiko Cheese Sasami Katsu. This time, it was commercialized based on a suggestion from an employee working at a store. This menu item has been well received since its test launch.

The new sauce has an addictive combination of


(cod roe), cheese, and shiso (shiso leaves) flavors. Matsunoya's popular "Sasami Katsu," plumped up "high protein, low fat" chicken meat, is covered with a creamy mentaiko sauce and melted Gouda cheese, creating a delicious looking dish. The fragrant shiso leaf sauce is a rich yet refreshing accent.

Matsunoya "Mentaiko cheese and white meat cutlet

Prices are the same for both in-store and take-out, including tax. Miso soup to-go can be purchased separately for 60 yen.

Mentaiko Cheese Sasami Katsu set meal: 790 yen
・ Mentaiko Cheese Tatapuri Sasami Katsu set meal: 990 yen
・ Loin Katsu & Mentaiko Cheese Sasami Katsu set meal: 1,090 yen
・ Single Mentaiko Cheese 250 yen

Matsunoya "Mentaiko cheese and white meat cutlet

Matsunoya offers a "free rice refill for set meals" service at 170 stores nationwide. You can enjoy as many servings of safe and secure rice made from domestically produced rice as you like.