Matsunoya "Sasami Katsu" Menu
Sasami Katsu Menu

Matsunoya Sasami Katsu Menu

"Sasami Katsu" menu item will be available at Matsunoya and Matsunoya from March 1, 2023 at 15:00.

The moist and tender chicken meat is crispily deep-fried!

Hatcho miso, oroshi ponzu, oyakodon, curry, and assorted dishes will be available. The "Miso Sasami Katsu" set meal features plump, high-protein, low-fat chicken meat topped with a Hatcho Miso style miso sauce, and the "Oroshi Ponzu Sasami Katsu" set meal with grated radish, as well as the signature "Loin Katsu" set meal and a platter of fried prawns.

Wait no Ya "Miso Sasami Katsu Set Meal
Miso Sasami Katsu Set Meal

The "Oyako Sasami Katsu-don," a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg, is a perfect combination of rice and sasami katsu, which is soaked in a special Japanese broth and a rich fluffy egg. The "Sasami Katsu Curry" can be enjoyed with either "Curry for Tonkatsu" or Matsunoya's special herb-infused tartar sauce.

Matsunoya "Oyako Sasami Katsu-don" (Oyako and white meat cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice)
Oyako Sasami Katsu-don (white meat and pork cutlet served over rice)

Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Sasami Katsu set meal: 690 yen
・ Grated Ponzu Sasami Katsu set meal: 790 yen
・ Miso Sasami Katsu set meal: 790 yen
・ Full Sasami Katsu set meal: 890 yen
・ Loose Katsu & 1 Sasami Katsu set meal: 790 yen
・ Loose Katsu & 2 Sasami Katsu set meal: 990 yen
・ Sasami Katsu & 1 Shrimp Fry set meal: 960 yen
・ Sasami Katsu & Shrimp Fry 2 pieces set meal: 1,000 yen Sasami katsu & 2 fried prawns set meal: 1,230 yen
・ Sasami katsu rice bowl with chicken and egg: 690 yen
・ Sasami katsu curry: 690 yen
・ Sasami katsu by itself: 230 yen

Matsunoya Sasami Katsu Menu

All items can be taken out, and miso soup can be purchased separately for 60 yen. Miso soup is not included with Sasami Katsu Curry. Sasami Katsu Curry" is not sold at Matsunoya and Maikari Shokudo restaurants.