Matsunoya Matsunoya "Sasamikatsu One Coin Sale"

At Matsunoya Matsunoya, "Sasamikatsu One Coin Sale" will be held for a week from 3:00 pm on September 15th to 3:00 pm on September 22nd (excluding some stores).

Flank steak one coin sale

Miso scissors and set meal

Grated ponzu sauce and set meal

The protagonist of the one-week limited one-coin sale is "Sasamikatsu," which is made from Matsunoya's popular "high-protein, low-fat" chicken fillet. The "Miso Sasamikatsu Set Meal" with Haccho Miso-style miso sauce and the "Grated Ponzu Sasamikatsu Set Meal" with grated daikon radish are full-scale menus using two pieces of sasamikatsu.

Parent-child scissors katsudon (with shredded cabbage)

In addition, the popular product "Parent-child sasami katsudon" will be revived for the first time in about half a year during the one-coin sale period. Sasami Katsushi is a dish that is bound with a special Japanese-style dashi stock and plenty of fluffy eggs. It goes well with rice that is gently soaked in soup stock.

All three items, "Miso Sasami Katsu Set Meal", "Grated Ponzu Sasami Katsushi Set Meal", and "Parent and Child Sasami Katsudon (with shredded cabbage)" will be sold at a special price of 500 yen (tax included).

Matsunoya Matsunoya "Sasamikatsu One Coin Sale"

* You can also take it home. In that case, miso soup can be purchased separately for 60 yen.