Cafe de Crié "Toasted Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Bird with Shiso Sauce

Café de Crié will start selling a food menu item, "Toasted Sandwich: Miyazaki Nichinan Dori with Oba Sauce," on May 25. The sandwich features roasted chicken from Nichinan Dori, a brand-name chicken produced in Miyazaki Prefecture, topped with a fragrant shiso leaf sauce, for a refreshing taste that is perfect for early summer.

Toasted Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Chicken with Shiso Leaf Sauce

The "Toasted Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Dori with Oba Sauce" is a fresh-tasting sandwich topped with roasted Nichinan Dori chicken from Miyazaki Prefecture and a fragrant Oba sauce, perfect for early summer. Cheese and garlic are added to the shiso sauce to give it a rich and delicious flavor. Crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes add a refreshing finish.

The "Toasted Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Bird with Oba Sauce" is priced at 500 yen (tax included). It will be available at Café de Crié and Café de Crié Plus from May 25. To go is also available. Prices may differ at some locations.