Italian Tomato "Melon Cream Granita", "Melon Cream Soda", "Setouchi Lemon Soda".

The limited time only drinks "Melon Cream Granita," "Melon Cream Soda," and "Setouchi Lemon Soda" will be available at Italian Tomato from May 26 to July 27.

Melon Cream Granita

The "Melon Cream Granita" is a recreation of the popular coffee shop menu item, cream soda, in the form of a granita, a classic Italian frozen sweet with slightly coarse ice cubes. While retaining a relaxing retro flavor, the drink is said to be modern and enjoyable with the use of Italian gelato as a topping. The regular size is priced at 500 yen (tax included) and the large size at 600 yen.

Melon Cream Soda

The "Melon Cream Soda" also uses Italian gelato and is said to have a nostalgic taste with a rich finish. The regular size is priced at 430 yen and the large size at 490 yen.

Setouchi Lemon Soda

Setouchi Lemon Soda" is a drink with the refreshing acidity of Setouchi lemons and the stimulation of carbonation, and is said to be perfect for the early summer months when the temperatures are rising. The regular size is priced at 390 yen and the large size at 450 yen. Gelato toppings are available for an additional 60 yen.

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