Kameda Seika "105g Summer Pinch Seeds

Kameda Seika will introduce a new snack, "105g (3.7oz) Summer Pinch Seeds. It is made from lemon, sudachi (citrus fruit), corn, edamame (green soybeans), and other ingredients appropriate for this season, and will be available at supermarkets nationwide from May 30 to the end of June. The estimated price is around 260 yen (excluding tax).

105g (3.7oz) Summer Tsumamidane

This is one of the seasonal flavors in the "Tsumamidane" series of mixed rice crackers. In addition to the regular products sold throughout the year, the series includes limited edition products with different contents for spring, summer, fall, winter, etc. This time, it is said to offer a refreshing flavor perfect for early summer.

The new limited edition items include "ika-ten lemon" with crispy ikaten (squid tempura), "corn fried rice cake" with sweet corn flavor, "sudachi fried rice cake" with refreshing sudachi flavor, "salted plum bean" with a refreshing sour taste, and "black pepper bean" with a tangy black pepper aroma, as well as "pea fried rice cake" which is also a regular item. The "Edamame Snack" has a rich flavor of crispy edamame, and the "Ebi Wasabi Fried Shrimp" has a spicy flavor of wasabi (Japanese horseradish).