Kameda Seika "40g Powder covered Happy Turn

Kameda Seika will introduce a limited-time-only snack called "40g (1.41oz) Powder Smeared Happy Turn," which will be on pre-sale at Lawson stores nationwide except Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100 from May 24, 2012. The retail price is 118 yen (tax included).

40g (1.41oz) Powder Covered Happy Turn

This is a new flavor of Kameda's long-selling "Happy Turn" series, in which rice crackers are covered with sweetened "Happy Powder". The bite-sized dough is smaller than a regular Happy Turn and covered with Happy Powder.

The bite-size pieces are said to make it easier to eat, so that the Happy Powder can be tasted without spilling. The rich flavor is said to be enjoyable not only as a snack, but also as a nibble. The package features the Happy Turn character "Prince Turn of the Happy Kingdom" and the word "PDM," meaning "covered in powder.