551 HORAI "Chimaki Tokutoku Festival".
(All images are sourced from 551 HORAI's official website)

The "Chimaki Tokutoku Festival" will be held at 551 HORAI, announced on the official website. Seafood Chimaki", "Chicken/Quail Chimaki", and "Pork/ Chestnut Chimaki" will be sold at a discount from the usual price.

Chimaki Tokuteku Festival

551 HORAI "Chimaki Tokutoku Festival".

This festival features a variety of "551 Chimaki," a tasty Chinese Chimaki with various ingredients cooked in glutinous rice. From May 16 to June 15, purchase of one chimaki will be priced at 350 yen (regular price: 380 yen including tax), and purchase of three chimakis will be priced at 1,000 yen (regular price: 1,140 yen). The offer is also available at 551 HORAI stores as well as at the official online shop.

Kaisen Chimaki

Kaisen Chimaki" is a white string-covered chimaki filled with shrimp, squid, scallops, clams, and edamame (green soybeans). Each piece has 229 calories.

Chicken and Quail Chimaki

Chicken and quail chimaki" is covered with orange strings and contains quail eggs, chicken, and bamboo shoots. The calorie count is 224 kcal per piece.

Pork and Chestnut Chimaki

Pork and Chestnut Chimaki" is covered with green strings and contains pork, chestnuts, and shiitake mushrooms. It contains pork, chestnuts, and shiitake mushrooms and has 251 calories per piece.