551 HORAI "Chimaki Toku Toku Festival"
(* All images are from the 551 HORAI official website)

The campaign "Chimaki Toku Toku Festival", where you can buy 551 HORAI's chimaki at a great price, has been announced on the official website. It is held until February 11th.

551 HORAI is known for pork buns, but various types of chimaki are also available. The " Chimaki Toku Toku Festival " was held in May 2020, but this time it will be held again. Same as last time, discounts on "Seafood Chimaki" with shrimp, squid, scallops, asari, and edamame, "Pork and chestnut chimaki" with pork, chestnuts, and shiitake, and "Chicken Uzura Chimaki" with quail, chicken, and bamboo shoots. Will be done. All are products made from domestic rice.

The regular price of chimaki is 380 yen per piece (tax included, same below), but you can purchase it for 350 yen per piece during the campaign period. If you purchase 3 pieces, the regular price is 1,140 yen, but during the same period it will be 1,000 yen.

551 HORAI "Chimaki Toku Toku Festival"

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