551 HORAI “Chimaki Toku Toku Festival”
(The source of the image is 551 HORAI official website)

It was announced on the official website that the "Chimaki Toku Toku Festival" will be held at 551 HORAI. From January 12th to February 11th, "pork / chestnut chimaki", "chicken / quail chimaki" and "seafood chimaki" will be discounted respectively.

551 HORAI Chimaki Toku Toku Festival

The "551 Chimaki" series is introduced with items that are cooked with glutinous rice and are filled with delicious ingredients. We are particular about the bamboo skin that wraps the rice dumplings, and it is characterized by its rich flavor.

The standard flavors are pork, chestnut, and "pork and chestnut chimaki" with shiitake and green string, "chicken and uzura chimaki" with quail egg, chicken, and bamboo and orange string, shrimp. , Squid, scallops, chicken fillet, and edible beans are prepared with a white string of "seafood chimaki".

In this campaign, the selling price of all three types of chimaki is usually 350 yen instead of 380 yen (tax included, the same applies below). Also, if you purchase 3 pieces at the same time, the price will be discounted to 1,000 yen instead of 1,140 yen.