Calpis and Welch's Grape" Calpis and Welch's

Asahi Soft Drinks will release Calpis and Welch's Grape on March 29. It comes in a 480 ml PET bottle and is priced at 151 yen (tax included).

Calpis and Welch's Grape

Calpis with Welch's Grape" is a Calpis with a rich grape flavor unique to "Welch's" that further enhances its sweet and savory taste. This lactic beverage contains lactic acid bacteria and polyphenols derived from grapes, and is both tasty and good for the body.

The package features the brand name prominently in the center and uses two colors, white and purple, as a background to clearly communicate that this is a collaboration between two long-selling brands, "Calpis" and "Welch's." The package also features the brand name "Welch's" on the front and "Calpis" on the back. In addition, the large Concord Grape is featured on the package to express the taste of Welch's Grape, which complements the sweet and savory flavor of Calpis.

Calpis" has been sold for 103 years, and "Welch's" has been a long-selling brand for 153 years. Calpis and Welch's Grape" is something you should check out.