Ministop "Sweet Potato Latte

Ministop has introduced "Sweet Potato Latte" as a sweet drink to feel the autumn season, and will be available in limited quantities starting October 11. The retail price is 192.24 yen (tax included, when taking out).

Ministop Sweet Potato Latte

The image is that of a "sweet potato," a well-known classic sweet treat made from sweet potatoes. The paste is made from "Beniharuka," a variety of sweet potato produced in Kyushu, which is characterized by its high sugar content and sticky texture.

Hokkaido butter is added to bring out the flavor of the sweet potato while making it creamy. In addition, milk is added in a well-balanced combination to give the product a rich and wholesome taste. Each bottle has a content of 220 ml.

Please note that a reduced tax rate of 8% is applied for To go, and a standard tax rate of 10% is applied for eat-in space in the store, resulting in different selling prices.