Instant noodles "Enma Daiou Ramen"

From Plan Plus, Korea's "Enma Daiou Ramen", which is one of the hottest in the world, has been officially sold in Japan. The price is open. Enma Daio Ramen is on sale at Village Vanguard, mass retailers, and retail stores nationwide.

Enma Daiou Ramen

Enma Daio Ramen is known as one of the spicy ramen in Korea, where there are many spicy foods. We are particular about the ingredients of the powdered soup, which is the decisive factor for the spiciness, and of course we have balanced the spiciness and umami. Contains a huge powdered soup of about 22g (0.78oz), which is more than twice that amount, and you can taste the addictive spicy taste.