Lawson Store 100 "Korean Fair"
A lot of popular Korean gourmet food!

The "Korea Fair" will be held from April 21st at each Lawson Store 100 store. In addition to the popular "Shin Ramyun", there are 9 types of products that you can easily enjoy Korean gourmet food, such as "Tteokbokki", which is a sweet and spicy rice cake, and "Gomguk Bowser," which is a lightly flavored soup with beef bones.

● Fukuromen (108 yen each, tax included, same below)

Lawson Store 100 "Korean Fair"

"Shin Ramyun", which has a taste that matches "umami" and "spicyness", is characterized by "umami soup" in which the original spices blended and the delicious ingredients of the ingredients are mixed.

"Kamja Noodles", which are popular for their chewy texture, are products that use 50% or more of potato starch or potato powder.

"Noguri Ramen" is characterized by its spicy yet refreshing taste, and the decisive factor for its taste is the seafood soup made from seafood such as chili peppers, shellfish, squid, shrimp, and bonito.

● Yoppogi and Toppokki (270 yen each)

Lawson Store 100 "Korean Fair"

"Tteokbokki cheese flavor" is a mildly spicy tteokbokki with an excellent combination of cheese and parsley scents.

"Tteokbokki sweet and spicy taste" is a tteokbokki that has a chewy texture and a sweet flavor.

"Yoppogi Korean-style Jajangmyeon" is made by entwining the sauce of Korean soul food "Jajangmyeon" with tteokbokki (rice cake). Stir-fried pork and onions with black miso, it has a fragrant, rich and mellow taste.

"Sweet and spicy mochi toppokki" uses 100% domestically produced glutinous rice, and you can enjoy a chewy and elastic yet crispy texture. Three kinds of vegetables (cabbage, green onion, carrot) are combined.

● Chapagri Cup (203 yen)

Lawson Store 100 "Korean Fair"

"Chapaguri" is a combination of instant noodles "Chapageti" and "Noguri Ramen", which are popular in Korea. The combination of Korean version of jaja noodles "chapagetti" using olive oil and seafood-style "noguri ramen" is addictive.

● bibigo Korean rice range de bowser beef bone gomguk (270 yen)

Lawson Store 100 "Korean Fair"

Bowser is made by carefully stewing carefully selected beef bones, taking advantage of its rich flavor, and adding flavor with pepper to give it a genuine taste. Meat chips filled with umami and savory green onions are included, making it a delicious dish. It also contains freshly cooked domestic rice.