Gashapon "Nonshin Bagged Noodle Miniature Charm Collection
(Image taken from the official website)

From Bandai's Gashapon series, "Nonshin Bagged Noodle Miniature Charm Collection" will be sold. The price is 300 yen per piece (tax included).

Nohshin Jokumen Miniature Charm Collection

Nohshin Bagged Noodle Miniature Charm Collection" is a miniature charm of the "Nohshin" bagged noodle series, well-known for "Spicy Ramen". The charms come with a ball chain. The lineup consists of 8 types, as follows

Spicy ramen
Nooguri Ramen
Nooguri Ramen Mild
Noguri deliciously spicy yaki chanpon
Spicy ramen kimchi
Spicy Ramen Yakisoba
Spicy Ramen BLACK