Lotte Riya Shokudo Japanese-style rice burger "Menta Mayo shrimp rice burger" "Spicy cheese rice burger"

At Lotteria, the new products "Menta Mayo Shrimp Rice Burger" and "Spicy Cheese Rice Burger" from "Lotteria Shokudo Japanese Style Rice Burger" will be on sale from January 11th to February 14th (excluding some stores). ). Show your coupon and get a 50 yen discount on the "Furu Pote Set".

Lottery restaurant Japanese style rice burger

Meita Mayo Shrimp Rice Burger

Using a burger-type shrimp with a pre-prepared texture, a special tartar sauce, mentaiko mayo sauce, which is characterized by the umami and spicy spiciness of mentaiko, is combined on top of the shrimp patty that is crispy with about 12 mm of coarsely ground bread crumbs. Burger. Using 100% domestic Koshihikari, the inside is fluffy cooked in a kettle, and the outside is sandwiched with rice buns that are crispy and fragrant, and grilled seaweed with a crispy texture. Excellent compatibility between shrimp and mentaiko flavors. The price is 540 yen (10% tax included, same below).

Lottery restaurant Japanese-style rice burger "Menta Mayo shrimp rice burger"

Spicy cheese rice burger

A superb cheese hamburger patty that is made by coarsely grinding beef to a maximum of about 8 mm, seasoning it with salt, pepper, and oregano, and baking it juicy with two types of natural cheese. Combined with the chili sauce "Sriracha sauce" that originated in Thailand, sandwiched with rice buns and grilled seaweed. It is a delicious taste that makes the spicy taste addictive. The price is 540 yen.

Lotteri-ya Shokudo Japanese-style rice burger "Spicy cheese rice burger"

Furu potato set

A set of each burger, "Furu Pote" and "Drink M". If you show the target coupon at the cash register, it will be offered at 897 yen, which is a 50 yen discount instead of the regular price of 947 yen.