Lotteria "Autumn Lunch Discount

Lotteria will offer an "Autumn Gohan Lunch Discount" from September 8 to October 5 (except at some stores).

Autumn Gohan Lunch Discount

Lotteria has been offering a variety of "Lunch Discount" coupon specials that have been very popular. This time, the "Autumn Gohan Lunch Discount" will be offered for a limited time to enjoy the popular "Japanese Gohan Burger" made with 100% domestic rice at a discount price in the autumn season of appetite.

Present the coupon on Lotteria's official website at the cash register to receive the "Shrimp Gohan" lunch set and "Zesshin Gohan" lunch set for the special price of 690 yen each. The coupon can be used outside of lunch hours after 10:30. Prices include 10% tax.

Shrimp Gohan" Lunch Set

A special lunch set that includes a "Shrimp Gohan Burger," "French Fries S," and "Drink S." The "Shrimp Gohan Burger" is a pre-packaged burger for ¥690. The "Shrimp Gohan Burger" features a crispy shrimp patty topped with Lotteria's original tartar sauce and crunchy cabbage, and a combination of Lotteria's original teriyaki sauce with a perfect balance of richness and flavor and tangy spicy mustard underneath. The sandwich is served on a rice bun made from 100% Japanese Koshihikari rice, which is cooked in a kettle to make the inside fluffy and the outside crispy and savory, and grilled nori seaweed for a crispy texture. The price is 690 yen instead of the regular price of 870 yen.

Lotteria "Shrimp and Rice" Lunch Set

Zesshin Gohan" Lunch Set

A special lunch set that includes a "Zesshin Cheese Gohan Burger", "French Fries S", and "Drink S". The "Zesshin Cheese Gohan Burger" consists of an exquisite cheese hamburger patty, coarsely ground beef up to approximately 8mm, seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano, combined with two types of natural cheese, grilled to a juicy perfection, mayo sauce on top, Lotteria original teriyaki sauce and mustard on the bottom. Sandwiched between a rice bun and grilled seaweed. The regular price of 880 yen is 690 yen.

Lotteria "Zesshin Gohan" Lunch Set