Bell Amer "Yoshiharu Shanti Phrase"

From December 28th, Bel Amer will sell a gorgeous cake "Yoshiharu Shanti Phrase" suitable for the New Year. Handling at each Bel Amer store (excluding some stores). Limited time until January 3, 2022.

Happy New Year Shanti Phrase

Bell Amer "Yoshiharu Shanti Phrase"

Entremet to add flowers to the New Year's family. Fresh cream with condensed milk is sanded on a fluffy sponge dough, and strawberry and white chocolate cream, berries and auspicious chocolate decorations are luxuriously finished. Each one is carefully finished with the idea that "the new year will be a year full of smiles". The price is 1,728 yen (tax included).

Zodiac chocolate cake

Bel Amer "Zodiac Chocolat Cake"

Along with the "Yoshiharu Shanti Phrase", a limited number of " Zodiac Chocolat Cakes ", which are based on the image of the 2022 Zodiac "Tiger Year", are also on sale. A moist and baked gateau chocolate made from two colors of dough. It features a tiger pattern expressed in a citrus-flavored yellow fabric. The refreshing acidity and bitterness of Yuzu's confiture and peel enhance the sweetness of chocolate. Since it can be carried at room temperature, it is recommended for New Year's greetings and souvenirs. The price is 1,728 yen (tax included).

* Iwataya Fukuoka store and Matsuyama Mitsukoshi store do not handle namagashi.
* Business days and hours for the year-end and New Year holidays vary depending on each store.