Bell Amer Mother's Day Bonbon Chocolat & Palais Chocolat

Mother's Day-themed chocolates and baked goods are on sale from April 21st at the chocolate specialty store "Belle Amer". The gorgeous entremets will be on sale from May 7th to 9th.

Bonbon chocolate

There are two types of bonbon chocolate made for Mother's Day: "Franboise Tea", a tea-flavored Lebea chocolate ganache with the acidity of Franboise, and "White Peach Litchi", a bitter chocolate ganache using white peach and lychee puree. .. At the store, you can choose your favorite bonbon chocolate and make an original assortment. The price is 270 yen each (tax included, same below). * At some stores, you may not be able to select the contents.

Bell Amer Mother's Day Bonbon Chocolat

Palais chocolate

A perfect pallet chocolate for Mother's Day, which is full of Bel Amer's commitment. There are two types, "Ruby Rose", which is a combination of Franboise-flavored ruby chocolate and chocolate with a scent of rose, and "Milk Crunch", which is a combination of milk-flavored white chocolate with a thank-you message and a crispy crunch. The price is 292 yen each.

Bel Amer Mother's Day Palais Chocolat

Cake pesh phrase

Softly baked peach and strawberry-flavored cake dough using white chocolate, topped with semi-dried white peach, cranberry, and orange. The size is satisfying to eat, and you can enjoy sharing it with your family. The price is 1,512 yen.

Bell Amer "Kakepesh Phrase"

Ruby Franboise

Entremets that combine ruby chocolate with Franboise. Ruby chocolate and framboise flavored mousse chocolate with creme brulee, Genoise chocolate and red fruit jelly, and ruby chocolate glasage. Topped with framboise, blueberries and a plate with a message, it is beautifully decorated like a bouquet. The price is 2,160 yen. Limited to May 7-9. * Iwataya Fukuoka Main Store does not handle namagashi.

Bell Amer "Ruby Franboise"