DEAN & DELUCA "Matcha Shiruko"

DEAN & DELUCA will sell the Japanese seasonal drink "Matcha Shiruko" with matcha as the main character and the midwinter classic drink "Yuzu Ginger" from December 27th.

Matcha Shiruko

"Matcha Shiruko" is a Japanese seasonal drink with matcha as the main character, suitable for the New Year. While enjoying the beautiful color and fragrant aroma of matcha and the crispy texture of hail, as you continue to drink the timeless matcha latte that has been finished with a modest sweetness, you will see chewy white balls and azuki beans from Hokkaido with a uniform grain.

DEAN & DELUCA "Matcha Shiruko"

After drinking, it has a lingering finish. From the beginning to the end, it is a matcha shiruko with a delicious gimmick and a cup full of various fun. The price is S size 648 yen (tax included, same below). The sale period is until the beginning of January 2022. It will end as soon as it runs out.

Yuzu ginger

Apple juice, yuzu and ginger hot juice with the refreshing flavor of seasonal domestic yellow yuzu that fills your mouth. Seasonal fruits and ginger warm the cold body deliciously from the core. It is a classic drink in the middle of winter that rises with steam and has a delicious scent of yuzu.

DEAN & DELUCA "Yuzu Ginger"

Float whole apples and yuzu in apple juice, add plenty of powder and candied ginger, and simmer. Since it is made in a large pot every morning at the store, the inside of the store is surrounded by the unique scent of this season. The price is S size 454 yen, M size 497 yen, L size 562 yen. The sale period is until February 28, 2022.