Tasting "Lucky cheese mayo okaki cheddar cheese"

Here are three recommended "okaki" that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and enjoyed. "Lucky cheese mayo okaki cheddar cheese", "Yamayamamentai mayonnaise okaki", "maisen okaki fin and sand flavor", "maisen okaki shrimp and sand flavor". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Lucky cheese mayo okaki cheddar cheese

" Lucky Cheese Mayo Okaki Cheddar Cheese " from the "Lucky Mayonnaise" series of rice crackers sold by the rice cracker maker "Sanshin". The okaki is an elongated type that is crispy and light when you bite it. With the mellow flavor and umami of fluffy cheese and the seasoning that makes you feel the richness of mayonnaise, you can't stop eating ...!

Tasting "Lucky cheese mayo okaki cheddar cheese"

Yamayama Mentai Mayonnaise Okaki

I actually bought and tried " Yamayama Mentai Mayonnaise Okaki " sold by Sanshin. A okaki made with "Mentai mayonnaise" from Yamaya, the home of mentaiko. The umami of mentai and the mellow richness of mayonnaise. Every time you chew, you can enjoy the spicy spiciness and the richness of mayo.

Tasting "Yamayama Mentai Mayonnaise Okaki"

Maisen no Okaki Fin and Sandwich Flavor / Shrimp and Sandwich Flavor

I tried to compare the okaki " Maisen no Okaki fin and sand taste " and "Maisen no Okaki shrimp and sand taste" that reproduced the taste of Maisen sandwich. "Maisen no Okaki fin and sand flavor" is a dish where you can enjoy the richness and acidity of sweet and sour sauce. "Maisen no Okaki Shrimp and Sandwich Flavor" is a dish where you can enjoy the aroma and sweetness of shrimp.

Okaki "Maisen no Okaki fin and sand flavor"