Yamaya "Kingdom Collaboration Design Can Mentaiko Cheese Crackers".

Yamaya will release "Kingdom Collaboration Design Can Mentai Cheese Okaki", a product collaborated with the popular TV animation "Kingdom". The release date is August 10. The release date is August 10. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Kingdom Collaboration Design Can Mentaiko Cheese Okaki

The TV animation "Kingdom", popular among businessmen and other people of all ages, has collaborated with Yamaya's "Mentai Cheese Okaki". As the first product, the main character "Nobu" and the general "Wang Ki" will appear in deformed cans. A second version is scheduled to appear in late September 2022. Available in limited quantities at the official online store of Hakata no Aji Yamaya, directly-managed sales stores, and other outlets.

Mentaiko Cheese Okaki

Mentaiko (cod roe) and cheese, which are an excellent match, are baked to a savory perfection and stuffed into bite-size rice crackers. The spicy mentaiko flavor and rich cheese flavor cream are addictive and perfect for both snacks and nibbles.

(C) Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha, Kingdom Production Committee