Dom Dom hamburger "whole !! Camembert burger"
(The source of the image is Dom Dom hamburger official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Whole !! Camembert Burger" will be reprinted and sold at Dom Dom Hamburger. It will be available from December 21st.

Whole! !! Camembert burger

This item was sold in July 2018 after being introduced as a dead menu in the planning of a TV program. It became popular due to its visual impact and taste, and the sales period was extended. As a result of conducting a questionnaire about what Dom Dom hamburger wants to reprint from the popular menu in the past, it was decided to re-appear because it was ranked first.

There are no buns and a whole Camembert cheese is used and the ingredients are sandwiched. In addition, cheddar cheese is also placed between the two beef patties to make "chasing cheese". It is announced that you can fully enjoy the rich and delicious taste of cheese. It also features honey sauce and black pepper stimulus that go well with Camembert cheese.

It is handled by Dom Dom hamburgers nationwide, and it is available as a set as well as a single item. However, "Asakusa Hanayashiki store" and "Ichihara Elephant Country store" only handle single items. In addition, it will be sold under another brand "TREE & TREE's", but the specifications are different.

The selling price of Dom Dom hamburger is 990 yen (tax included, eat-in and To go are the same, the same applies below), S set is 1,270 yen, and M set is 1,350 yen. It is also possible to attach buns for an additional 100 yen.