Dom Dom Hamburger "Red Moon Chicken Tatsuta Burger"

Dom Dom Hamburger "Akaki Tsuk

imi Chicken Tatsuta Burger" Dom Dom Hamburger will offer a limited time menu "Akaki Tsukimi Chicken Tatsuta Burger". It will be available from October 23 to November 23. The price is 890 yen for an individual item and 1,320 yen for a set (tax included).


Tsukimi Chicken Tatsuta Burger The "Akaki Tsukimi Chicken Tatsuta Burger," which features a fried egg dyed red to resemble the "Akaki Tsuki" (red moon), is a collaboration between the TV anime currently airing its second season "Yin no Jiryoku-sha ni naritakatta! which is currently airing its second season. The burger expresses the world view of "I want to be a skilled player in the shadows! is expressed in the hamburger.

Dom Dom Hamburger "Red Moon Chicken Tatsuta Burger"

The burger is topped with a large, satisfying chicken tatsuta topped with a red fried egg (akaki tsuki). The thick fried egg goes well with the crispy and juicy chicken. The red ginger sauce adds a refreshing taste to the dish.

The "Akaki Tsukimi Chicken Tatsuta Burger" is served in a wrapper exclusive to this collaboration. The wrapping paper of the burger shop that appears in "I want to be the best in the shadows!" and can be enjoyed while immersing yourself in the world of the anime.

In addition, for each "Akaki Tsukimi Chicken Tatsuta Burger" (set or individual item) purchased, an original coaster will be presented at random as a purchase bonus. Along with the burger and Domuzo-kun, the "I want to be a powerful man in the shadows! characters along with hamburgers and Domuso-kun. The coaster will be closed as soon as it is gone. The pattern is random.

Dom Dom Hamburger "Red Moon Chicken Tatsuta Burger"

Also, the coaster will be available as an item in the online game "Master of Garden"! Master of Garden" will be provided.

Asakusa Hanayashiki Store and Ichihara ZOU-No-Kuni Store will sell single items.
Dom Dom Hamburger PLUS Ginza Store will not sell this item.
The Asakusa Hanayashiki store will be on sale until November 20.
The sale will end as soon as the stock runs out, even during the sales period.