Dom Dom Hamburger "Honey Cheese Chicken Burger"
Honey Cheese Chicken Burger (All images sourced from the official Dom Dom Hamburger website)

Dom Dom Hamburger Honey Cheese Chicken Burger

Dom Dom Dom Hamburger announced on its official website that the "Honey Cheese Chicken Burger" will be reintroduced as a limited time menu item and will be available from February 28, 2023.


sinful taste of thick cheese sauce and honey intertwined with each other

. Crispy fried chicken is generously covered with a thick cheese sauce and slightly sweet honey. The combination of the thick cheese sauce and honey was so sinful that it became a topic of conversation immediately after its release in 2022, and people who were captivated by the forbidden combination asked for another chance to try it. The combination of saltiness and sweetness can be enjoyed.

Dom Dom Hamburger "Honey Cheese Chicken Burger"

The price is 450 yen (including tax, the same below) for a single item. The set with "Fries M" and "Drink M" is 880 yen, and the combination with "Drink M" only is 690 yen.

Dom Dom Hamburger will be available at all Dom Dom Hamburger locations nationwide, but the Asakusa Hanayashiki and Ichihara Zonokuni locations will only sell the single item. It will also be sold at the Ginza branch of Domdom Hamburger Plus, but the specifications and price will be different there.