Subway "Tokumori Wild Club House" "Tokumori Shrimp Avocado"

At each Subway store, the "Luxury Sheng Eating and Eating Confrontation Campaign" of "Tokumori Wild Club House" and "Tokumori Ebi Avocado" will be held from December 22 (excluding some stores such as stores in leisure facilities). The heaviest and luxurious sandwiches in the history of Subway and the classic popular number one sandwich are now available in a special size for 13 days only.

Luxury eating confrontation campaign

A luxurious eating confrontation of two popular sandwiches, which will be held from December 22nd to January 3rd, 2022 for the year-end and New Year holidays. "Tokumori Wild Club House" is offered in "Tokumori size" with 1.5 times more chicken and "Tokumori Shrimp Avocado" with 1.5 times more volume. The price is 580 yen (tax included).

Tokumori Wild Club House

[Chili sauce] Calories: 468kcal Sugar: 41.1g (0.04oz)
[Black Pepper] Calories: 465kcal Sugar: 40.3g (0.11oz)

Tokumori Shrimp Avocado

Calories: 348kcal Sugar: 38.0g (0oz)