Chun Shui Tang "Bay Castella Hojicha Marron"

A half-size limited-time edition will be available at Chun Shui Tang's sweets "Taiwan Castella Hojicha Marron". It will be handled from December 3, 2021 to the end of February 2022. At the same time, a regular size To go will be done. "Tapioca Hojicha Marron" is also available.

Taiwan Castella Hojicha Marron Half Size

Taiwan Castella Hojicha Marron is an arrangement sweet of Taiwan Castella that has been on sale for a limited time from September. The half-size selling price is 500 yen (tax included, same below) for additional orders to the meal set. 1,000 yen with a drink.

It looks like Japanese castella, but the texture is fluffy and light, and the sweetness is modest. According to Chun Shui Tang, the sight of Taiwanese castella swelling up locally and being cut into small pieces and lined up in stores is a kind of specialty, and even in Japan, sales from major convenience stores and specialty stores have appeared. increase.

Chun Shui Tang's Taiwanese castella dough is said to have a nostalgic and simple taste that you can feel the taste of eggs. Marron paste, marron glacé and roasted caramelized nuts were adorned on top of the cream, finished in a Mont Blanc style and topped with roasted green tea powder. It is characterized by the aroma of roasted green tea made from additive-free domestic tea leaves. There are 18 stores nationwide. LUMINE EST Shinjuku store is excluded.

Taiwan Castella Hojicha Marron To go

From the same day, "Taiwan Castella Hojicha Marron" To go will start. This is a normal size, and there are 18 stores nationwide. LUMINE EST Shinjuku store is excluded. The selling price is 1,000 yen.

Tapioca roasted green tea marron

"Tapioca Hojicha Marron" is available as a limited-time marron arrangement until the end of February. You can enjoy marrons with "Tapioca Hojicha Marron", which is the best match for sweetness and fragrance with plenty of chestnut paste and chewy tapioca on milk tea based on fragrant "Hojicha".

It is available at all 19 stores. The selling price is 750 yen.