Chun Shui Tang "Taiwan Parfait: Black Tea Affogado
Taiwanese parfait Tea affogado

Chun Shui Tang

Taiwan Par

fait Tea Affogado Chun Shui Tang will introduce "Taiwan Parfait Tea Affogado" containing traditional Taiwanese sweets, available from March 3, 2023. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included, same below), drink set 1,600 yen.

According to Chun Shui Tang, parfaits in Taiwan are called "shingdai," and recently, parfaits with a lot of tropical fruits and Taiwanese sweets as toppings and full


originality have become popular.

This parfait also features jasmine-scented jade jelly, strawberries, mango, and fluffy Taiwanese sponge cake, all covered with black tea-infused whipped cream and topped with sticky tapioca and vanilla ice cream. The tea comes with Chun Shui Tang's homemade fragrant black tea, which is poured over the vanilla ice cream like an affogado, giving it a sweet and rich flavor.

The drink set includes a choice of your favorite Taiwanese tea or more than 50 different types of arranged tea.

In principle, they are carried at all Chun Shui Tang stores, with some exceptions. The Lumine Est Shinjuku store is excluded. Also, it is eat-in only and not available for To go.