4 products supervised by 7-ELEVEN Kakiyasu Honten

At each 7-ELEVEN store, "Kakiyasu Honten supervised beef shigureni", "Kakiyasu supervised beef sukiyasu bowl", "Kakiyasu supervised beef sukiyasu", "Kakiyasu supervised Japanese-style beef roll" Will be on sale from December 7th. By providing beef shigureni exclusively for 7-ELEVEN, which was specially manufactured at the manufacturing factory of Kakiyasu's representative product "Beef Shigureni", which has been in business for 150 years, and under the supervision of "Warita", which is the decisive factor for the taste of the product. These are 4 products that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of beef.

Discerning hand-rolled rice balls Supervised by Kakiyasu Beef shigureni

7-ELEVEN "Special Hand-rolled Onigiri, Supervised by Kakiyasu, Beef Shigureni"

Kakiyasu Honten's representative product, "Beef Shigureni," is an onigiri that has been arranged into a 7-ELEVEN original recipe. Beef shigureni is cooked using traditional techniques to create a fluffy texture and umami while making the best use of the taste of the ingredients. The beef shigureni used is manufactured at the Kakiyasu main store's factory in Mie prefecture. The price is 198 yen (213.84 yen including tax). Not sold in Hakodate / Okinawa.

Beef sukiyaki bowl supervised by Kakiyasu

7-ELEVEN "Beef Sukiyaki Don" supervised by Kakiyasu

Beef sukiyaki made with "warishita" exclusively for 7-ELEVEN, supervised by Kakiyasu Honten, is placed on rice. By boiling vegetables and tofu in boiled beef, the taste and sweetness of beef are trapped in a cohesive taste. The price is 630 yen (680.40 yen including tax).

Supervised by Kakiyasu Beef Suki Nabe

7-ELEVEN "Kakiyasu supervised beef sukiyasu"

Similar to "Kakiyasu Supervised Beef Sukiyaki Don", this beef sukiyaki pot uses "warishita", which has a sweet and rich taste. It is a full-fledged hot pot side dish that is made with a satisfying taste by adding udon along with softly boiled beef, vegetables, and tofu. The price is 630 yen (680.40 yen including tax).

Supervised by Kakiyasu Japanese-style beef croquette finished with a secret sauce

7-ELEVEN "Japanese-style beef croquette finished with secret sauce supervised by Kakiyasu"

A croquette made with the secret sauce of Kakiyasu Honten, which has a rich and slightly sweet taste. The potatoes are tailored using a unique manufacturing method, so you can enjoy a chewy texture. It is a croquette that goes well with the delicious taste of the secret sauce. The price is 100 yen (108 yen including tax).