Suntory Spirits "Horoyoi [Remo Mikan]"

Suntory Spirits will release "Horoyoi [Remo Mikan]" on February 8, 2022. Comes in a 350ml can, the estimated price is 141 yen (excluding tax).

Horoyo [Remo mandarin orange]

"Horoyoi" is a long-selling brand that has been supported by a wide range of age groups since its launch in 2009 as a liquor with an alcohol content of 3% that can be enjoyed comfortably with a gentle taste. The lineup of various flavors has also been well received.

"Horoyoi [Remo Mikan]" is a sake that you can enjoy both the refreshing acidity of lemon and the gentle sweetness of mandarin oranges. It will be released as a year-round product. The package is accented with yellow and orange on a bright light blue background, expressing the characteristics of a refreshing and fresh content. Alcohol content is 3%.