Horoyo [Fruit Sangria]

The canned alcoholic beverage "Horoyoi [Fruit Sangria]" will be on sale. It will be available for a limited time nationwide from October 26th.

Horoyo [Fruit Sangria]

"Horoyoi [Fruit Sangria]" is a canned alcoholic beverage that expresses the taste of "Fruit Sangria". Orange, apple and cassis are well-balanced, making it a lightly enjoyable liquor with just the right amount of wine.

The package is a colorful design with orange and dark blue floral patterns on a yellow background. In addition, the illustration of fruit sangria is placed in the center to express the characteristics of the contents.

"Horoyoi [Fruit Sangria]" contains 350 ml, and the estimated price is 141 yen (excluding tax). Alcohol content is 3%. The item is liqueur.


"Horoyoi" is a canned alcoholic beverage brand launched in 2009 as an easy-to-drink liquor with a gentle taste. In addition to the standard, you can enjoy a lineup of various flavors such as for a limited time.