PRONTO "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" and "Whole Lemon Soda

PRONTO's Cafe Time has new drinks to enjoy refreshing lemon. Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" and "Whole Lemon Soda" will go on sale on August 1.

Rare Cheese Lemon Latte

The "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" is a summer dessert drink that is like "drinking rare cheese cake. The sauce with sweet and sour lemon pulp and rare cheesecake-flavored milk are a perfect match. The whipped topping is topped with lemon sauce and pistachios. The price is 638 yen (tax included, same as below).

PRONTO "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" and "Whole Lemon Soda
From left to right: "Sicilian Lemon Cheese Tart," "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte," "Whole Lemon Soda

The "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" has a matching appearance with the "Sicilian Lemon Cheese Tart," a recommended sweet for a limited time only. The tart is priced at 583 yen.

Whole Lemon Soda

The "Whole Lemon Soda" is a lemon soda using PRONTO's original lemon puree grated from the peel. The bittersweet, refreshing lemon and carbonation make for a refreshing drink perfect for a hot day. The price is 440 yen.

Some stores do not offer this service and some stores may have different prices.
Prices include tax for in-store consumption. Tax included prices for To go are different.