Lotteria "Black Fly !? Day Trio" Campaign

The "Black Fly !? Day Trio" campaign will run from November 22nd to November 28th in Lotteria (excluding some stores).

"Black Fly !? Day Trio" Campaign

The "Black Friday !? Day Trio" campaign will be held for 7 days only as a great coupon plan for the sale "Black Friday" to be held on the 4th Friday of November. When you present the target coupon on the Lotteria official website at the time of ordering, "Bucket Potato", "Bucket Chicken Karaage" and "Bucket Pote Karaage" will be offered at a discount of 500 yen each at the regular price of 550 yen. * Price includes 10% tax.

Bucket potato

A great value product containing 4 pieces of "French fries S" (equivalent to 748 yen), which is crispy on the outside and crispy on the inside with vegetable oil and seasoned with mineral-rich grilled salt made by boiling seawater. ..

Lotteria "bucket potato"

From the bucket chicken

A great value product that contains 15 "Chicken Karaage" (equivalent to 825 yen), which is seasoned with soy sauce based on the taste of fried chicken.

Lotteria "Give it from a bucket chicken"

From bucket pote

A great value product that contains 2.5 pieces of "French fries S" and 6 pieces of "Chicken fried chicken" (a total of 797 yen).

Lotteria "From Bucket Pote"