"Mike Popcorn Home Theater Pack" Assorted Pack for Home Theater

"Mike Popcorn House Theater Pack Light Salt & Butter Soy Sauce" will be on sale from November 29th from Japan Frito-Lay. Pre-sale from November 20th at some convenience stores. The price is open.

Mike Popcorn House Theater Pack Lightly salty and buttery soy sauce

"Mike Popcorn House Theater Pack" is a house theater pack that you can enjoy two tastes and textures that are perfect for watching movies from the "Mike Popcorn" series. With the desire to make your home time more fulfilling, we aimed to create a product exclusively for home theaters that is easy to pick up and "eat while eating" with one hand, which is perfect for watching movies.

The harmony of "Mike Popcorn", which has a light texture that matches the flavorful aroma of butter and the taste of soy sauce, and the crispy texture and "potato stick", which has an exquisite salty taste, is an addictive taste.

With a large capacity of 80g, it is a perfect snack not only for watching movies but also for spending time with friends, lovers, and family.

Mike popcorn

Japan's leading popcorn "Mike Popcorn" was born in 1957 as Japan's first popcorn brand. It has the oldest history as a branded popcorn and has established itself in the Japanese market as a staple item for sweets.