Japan Frito-Lay "Mike Popcorn Shark Fin Soup Flavor"

Japan Frito-Lay will release "Mike Popcorn Shark Fin Soup Flavor" in collaboration with Nichirei Foods' retort product "Cantonese Shark Fin Soup" at convenience stores from October 11th. It will be released on November 8th at supermarkets and other confectionery stores. The price is open.

Mike popcorn shark fin soup flavor

"Mike Popcorn Shark Fin Soup Flavor" is a collaboration snack of Nichirei "Cantonese Shark Fin Soup" and "Mike Popcorn" released in 1972. Shark fin soup flavor that is perfect for snacks and hungry midnight snacks. The "sesame oil and ginger" used as a secret ingredient is a addictive taste. The rich taste of Chinese soup, which is the pride of our original products, has been faithfully reproduced with the richness of chicken oil and the umami of pork. The package is as close as possible to Nichirei's "Cantonese shark fin soup", and it is designed to be recognized as a collaboration product at a glance.

Mike popcorn

Japan's leading popcorn "Mike Popcorn" was born in 1957 as Japan's first popcorn brand. It has the oldest history as a branded popcorn and has established itself in the Japanese market as a staple item for sweets.